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Contemporary Tin Roofing in Ormond Beach, FL

August 30, 2016

Tin roof in Ormond Beach, FL

Think of a tin roof and you probably picture a rusty barn, and it is true that tin roofs have been used for some time, although technological advances have meant that tin is now a durable and popular roofing material. Make sure you understand the advantages of tin as a roofing material before you start that roofing project on your Ormond Beach, FL home.

Rust and noise from a tin roof in Ormond Beach are no longer issues

Engineering advancements mean that noise and rust - the two things most associated with tin - are now a thing of the past. Changes in the installation procedure means that a tin roof isn't anywhere as noisy as it once was, and you can eliminate much of the rust problem with a little time spent on basic maintenance.

A tin roof actually has a steel core, and it his core that leads to the problem of rusting. The tin is simply a thin layer applied to cover the steel and prevent the steel from rusting, although rusting can become a big problem once the layer of tin starts to wear away. If you simply apply the tin coating to your Ormond Beach, FL roof every few years, you can eliminate the problem of rusting. This isn't as technical or as challenging as it sounds, and most FL homeowners find it easy to apply the tin layer with special paint.

Properly installing your tin roof on your Ormond Beach, FL home can help to prevent much of the noise which many still associate with tin roofs. Installing a layer of sheathing under the roofing will eliminate much of the noise, as well as acting as a sealant. A tin roof should be no nosier than any other type of roof when properly installed, and because of its durability and affordability, this type of material makes an excellent choice for your Ormond Beach, FL home.

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